Sandwiches do NOT have to be boring! Fabulous sandwiches are delicious and come in many forms.

I rarely do sandwiches for a buffet, but sometimes there may be guests who really don’t like anything other than a sandwich, or at least that’s what they think!

You can turn simple sandwiches into fabulous sandwiches and make them look very pretty too. Look at the little heart shaped ones. The triple square ones, are cute but satisfying too.

The half baguette sandwiches would be more suitable for a teenager type party or picnic party. The latest fabulous sandwiches are the wraps.

Lots of variations on this, smoked salmon, spinach and cream cheese. Ham, mustard, pickle and rocket. Even sweet varieties like strawberries and Nutella!

The wrap can still be delicate, we just slice them into 4 sections.

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