Fabulous Buffets offers the total package, including fabulous food, an amazing ambience and we pride ourselves on providing an exemplary service at all our Fabulous House Parties.

One of my favourite catering events is a party in someone’s house, preferably in their garden.

Of course this can be somewhat marred by our great British weather, so we always have to have a plan B.

To be honest, even if it pours down, once everyone is in the party spirit, and the food and wine is flowing, people soon forget the weather and get stuck in to having a great time.

We are lucky because all the way from South Manchester to The Trough of Bowland we have some beautiful properties and having these lovely old houses as backdrops to my fabulous house parties is indeed a bonus.

At all of our catered fabulous house parties I love to make my Buffets look special, using much of my own glass, wooden and pottery artefacts to make the buffet look extra interesting.

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