real cheese cake centrepieceHere’s an idea, what about a really fabulous cheese cake as a centrepiece?

The cake!!! Is usually the centrepiece of your celebratory occasion. Things have changed though and people are starting to want a more fun element to their party.

There are loads of fabulous cheese cakes to be made from real cheese and they usually look spectacular.

At first when someone suggested the idea of a fabulous cheese cake to me I imagined that the guests would be polite and walk by the cheese not wanting to be the first to open up this lovely thing.

How wrong was I?

pork pie cake centrepieceEveryone got really stuck in to my fabulous cheese cake, especially later on in the night when carbs where much needed.

You can add all sorts of things on the side with this, obviously crackers, bread, different fruits and chocolate mice make a nice humorous touch.

Then on the other side of humour, is the Pork Pie Cake.

Yes I know you must be thinking, they have to be Northern to appreciate this!

It is a bit of fun, but also not everyone likes cake!

And, people do like a good pie!

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